Site Content 

 Transend is looking for content to fill this website. If you have any photos, videos, reviews, artwork, or anything else that you think could belong on this page, let us know! Also, any suggestions or feedback about the page will always be appreciated. The band can be contacted via Facebook or through the "Contact" menu item above.

Reign Over Me 

You can hear more samples of our music on our Youtube channel or by using the music player at the bottom of this page. 

Debut Album Release! 

Transcend is proud to announce that after 5 brutal years of work and dedication, our first baby has officially been born today!

Buy the hardcopy from the members for 15$ as of now! Over 85 minutes of long epics, lovely ballads and prog metal energy!

To purchase your hardcopy before digital releases, email or text 514-880-3981.